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A lot has happened since I last took to the keys to offer thoughts on any events. Tunisia, Egypt, now Libya, going through uprisings and chaos, politicians here pandering and making only symbolic gestures towards accomplishing what we want them to, and upheaval in the Midwest over public union benefits packages.

I’ve refrained from saying much on the Middle East, as I’m not really up to date with a lot of the politics on the ground there. All I’ll say, though, is that in places like Egypt, I hope this is in fact the signal of a more open, free society, and the movements will not be hijacked by Ayatollah wanna-bes.

One thing is certain, though; it seems we were completely unprepared for what was coming. This goes deeper than simply President Obama or anyone in his administration, I suspect that whoever was President right now would be having some of the same problems. Career people at the various intelligence agencies and the State department should have at least been open to the rumblings; you don’t get thousands or even hundreds of thousands to march in the streets without some coordination, communication, something that someone should have picked up on.

Maybe Tunisia; small country, never heard much about, and things happened fast. OK, I’ll give them that one. Then Egypt started, and I know the Admin waffled on this one over the course of it playing out. Again, maybe can understand them being somewhat vague with their statements, as Egypt is a large key to our relations in the Middle East, and keeping the peace with Israel is a priority, so we would have to work with whoever came out on top of that little chess game.

Then came Libya. Depending on who you follow and/or believe, the situation ranges from peaceful calm to mass-casualty open warfare. After the first two situations, would you not think we would have had a bunch o’people scrambling to think things over and get resources (such as the Navy presence off the coast) into positions to be able to respond, or at least be able to get American personnel out of harms way?

In any case, the world is changing, and rapidly, and if we don’t pay attention to what is happening, we could end up being left out, taken by surprise, or in other serious trouble.

Written by James Lee

March 5, 2011 at 11:20

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