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Pushing the False Narrative of “Racist Republicans”

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James O’Keefe, of the ACORN pimp fame, has struck again, this time at the heart of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, with National Public Radio and (apparently) the Public Broadcasting System being in his sights.

This has been out for a couple of days, and there’s really nothing surprising. To summarize, O’Keefe and his buddies set up a meeting with NPR fundraisers pretending to be part of a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood, and caught the NPR Official on tape talking about how the Republicans, especially those Tea Party folks, were just “racist, racist people.”

There is a lot more, including how NPR would be just fine without tax money being poured into it, and such, but I’d like to focus on the above part.

Ever since President Obama won the Presidential election in 2008, the continuing cry from his supporters was that if you don’t like him, then the only possible reason for that must be that you are racist. And when the Tea Party protests got started, and growing, well, that was just a bunch of redneck racists who simply don’t like the fact Obama is black. Well, half-black, but we’ll not quibble.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Are there some out there that feel that way? I’m sure there are. I’ve spoken to life-long Democrats who, during the primaries, criticized Obama relentlessly on the fact he is black, urging support for Hillary. Fact is, there still is, and probably will always be, some who harbor discriminatory feelings for whatever reason, and there is probably no clear distinction across ideological lines for that sentiment.

They point out that there are no Black conservative voices out there. Which is wrong, to be sure, but there doesn’t seem to be too many of them. The few that do get publicity are called “tokens,” and derided as “sell-outs” and much, much worse by the same Liberals and Progressives that claim to be accepting of all and champion of the minorities.

But the Republicans, and Tea Party type people specifically, do not shun minority Conservatives. Walter E. Williams, a black economic professor, often hosts for Rush Limbaugh when he is out. Not many other guest hosts get the praise Mr. Williams does.

Thomas Sowell, a black conservative columnist, tends to get rave reviews on his writings.

J.C. Watts, former Republican Representative from Oklahoma, was very popular with the talk shows and such when he was in office, and still is today. If I’m not mistaken, was actually excluded from the Congressional Black Caucus. And from personal experience, he still rocks the house with Tea Party folks. I attended an event last year including Watts, Fred Thompson, and headlined by Sarah Palin, as well as other less-known names giving panel discussions. Second only to Palin, Watts got the loudest and longest applause, and the entire Events Center erupted in cheers when someone in the stands yelled “JC For President!”

Today, we have people like Nikki Haley, of Indian descent, Herman Cain, Allen West, and Marco Rubio winning elections last fall, with heavy Tea Party support. And at the same time, you find Leftist protesters at a gathering to denounce the Koch brothers saying that Justice Thomas should be “strung up” and “put back in the fields.” So you tell me.

If that track record is what we do when we “hate” minorities, I’d hate to see what could be done if we just quit bitterly clinging to our guns and bibles, and were more accepting of others, eh?

Give it up, Leftist Media. For decades, you’ve been pushing this idea that Republicans must somehow be racists. You’ve pushed it very hard for the last two years. It’s over. History, the records, and actions speak much louder than all of your platitudes and speeches ever will. And frankly, I think the term “racist” has pretty much lost any sting it ever had.

Written by James Lee

March 9, 2011 at 22:23

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