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Hillary Steps Up (or, Someone Has To Do It)

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Yesterday, the United Nations authorized establishing a No-Fly Zone in Libya, to stop the dictator Khadaffi from using air power to strike at opposition forces, and civilians who happened to be in the way.

For nearly a month, this has been going downhill, gathering speed as it goes. President Obama at one point did issue a statement saying that Khadaffi had to go, but apparently couldn’t be bothered to actually do anything to work towards that end. Now, however, he will probably take credit for the UN deciding to do so. Or maybe it was his speech on bullying that pushed it all into place.

So while Obama is shining up the golf clubs and filling out his “brackets” on ESPN, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton steps into the void to lobby the UN to move on this issue, at least from my understanding.

After the election, when Obama decided to put Clinton in the State Department, I thought it was actually a pretty smart move, politically at least, on his part; if she had remained Senator, she would have been free to gum up the works of his agenda. In the Cabinet, however, she would work for him, and couldn’t very well stand in the way or purposely make him look bad.

I also predicted, nearly at the same time, that if Hillary decided to give the White House another run, she would have a big boost, if the timing was right, to come out to challenge him in the primaries. The gist of it: she needs a foreign policy goof on his part, she resigns in disgust and refuses to be part of his inept actions, and then for the ‘good of America,’ she sets up her run. The timing did have to be right, as well as the issue in question; too early, and everyone forgets. Too late, and she looks petty, and simply political. Too small an issue would also play against her in public opinion.

Now, however, I think that window is about to swing wide open for her. Even if she says now she has no interest in running for any other office, she can get away with it as if to say “I don’t want to, but I think my country needs me.”

This is not to say I would support Hillary Clinton in any way during the general election. She is still a left-leaning Democrat, though not as left as Obama is. And, to be truthful, I think she would be very effective in dealing with foreign nations as President, because she would continually have to prove to everyone that she had the, er, stones to take a stand.

But one thing for certain is that President Obama, despite his ineptitude, apologizing, tone-deafness, and big government takeovers of large parts of out economy, actually did accomplish something that I thought no one could ever do: Made me realize that, perhaps, President Hillary might not have been so bad after all.

Written by James Lee

March 18, 2011 at 08:40

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