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Obama’s “Spending Reductions”

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From the Washington Times, President Obama seems to have a firm grasp on just what is needed to help the Government get a handle on the crushing debt we have accumulated: “Spending Reductions.”

The president also called for undoing the Bush tax cuts for upper-income taxpayers, and for canceling other tax cuts many of them receive such as the mortgage interest deduction — which he called “spending reductions in the tax code.”

Emphasis mine.

Get that? “Spending Reductions” in the tax code actually means increasing taxes. Just like any good Liberal would do.

If one has been paying any attention at all to the debate, and the semantics involved, for the last decade or so, this shouldn’t actually come as a surprise. After all, they still scream and yell about Tax Cuts For The Rich That Weren’t Paid For.

That sort of language tends to get into the part of the population that pays half-attention to the political world. On the surface, it sort of makes sense, I mean, you can’t reduce your income without cutting out something (paying for it), after all, right?

The problem, however, is that it also reinforces the notion that the Federal Government is Mother, Father, and All Things To All, and how dare you try to take away their money. Everything belongs to the government, and what you get is what they allow you to keep for yourself, for the good of everyone else.

Here’s the thing: We DO have a serious budget problem, and Paul Ryan’s proposals only begin to address those problems. Don’t get me started on the bogus $38 Billion they just agreed to “cut.”

The biggest issue I believe is the fact that no one can even understand the numbers we need to address. I mean, I know what $100K is, roughly a house, if you shop around. I can picture a million or so. But once we get over that seven figures, it’s almost abstract. We don’t even grasp the concept of how much it is, how large a number it is.

People go bonkers when they learn they paid $5 Service Fee to use the ATM at the mall. But the same people’s eyes glaze over when the talking heads start throwing out “They cut $38 Billion from the budget.” “$4.6 Trillion (over 10 years, whatever that means).” Most of us simply do not understand the concept.

And on top of the confusion, Obama and the Democrats are going to start yelling from the rooftops about “Spending Reductions” in the tax code, which you will now know is simply how they are going to say “Raise Taxes” in hopes that you don’t know what it means.

We need to get serious about this, and get serious right now. Every single dollar that is spent by the government needs to be examined and questioned. Nothing should be left out of those considerations, not even Defense. Of course, we can’t leave our nation and the military vulnerable, or hurt the pay of military members, but there must be redundant capabilities, obsolete and unused programs still being funded, and the like that must be examined and trimmed as needed.

Until we get serious about this, we will keep hurtling towards that cliff of bankruptcy. And Obama seems insistent on stomping the throttle to get there.


Just as I put this up, I find Allahpundit finds the CBO has taken the bogus $38 Billion in “cuts” and rendered them completely laughable. Really, guys? You pushed it to the brink, fighting and clawing, for a less than a rounding error?

Written by James Lee

April 13, 2011 at 17:25

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