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Obamacare, Contraception, and Republican Idiots

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It’s certainly been a while since I’ve taken to the keys.  Did you miss me?  I miss this too.  Unfortunately, with my new work situation, I’m not really able to keep up as much as I used to, and while I try to keep up on the news events, the workload leaves me tired at the end of the day.  Not to complain, of course, job security these days is a great thing, and making a living is even better, but makes it hard to be a right-wing wacko activist.

I come from lurking tonight to finally weigh in on the topic that just won’t go away:  Contraception and Health Insurance.

For the record, I am sick to death of hearing this get deeper and deeper.  Here was a case of Kathleen “HHS Kitty” Sebelius (perhaps unwittingly) serving up a very slow lobbing pitch, and Barry O’Hopenchange slamming it into the center field bleachers.  And the Republican Idiots (TM) just fell right into the trap, taking it hook, line, and sinker.

This issue is not about women being denied contraceptive coverage.  That just happens to be the battle lines the Administration sought to fight this on.  Putting a personal face on it, with “real” situations, as it were.

The truth is, the root of the real issue is more philosophical, and much more nuanced.  It’s really about how much control the Government has over private business and private transactions.

While the current headline is about the idea of Health Insurance covering birth control, you could take that particular out of it and change it around to something else.  Let’s say, for example, that a business owner is morally opposed to cigarette smoking.  To that end, he or she decides that they don’t wish to cover health insurance for those nasty tobacco users.  Honestly, my opinion is “great!”  I don’t even care the reason, he’s footing the bill for the insurance premium, he should have a say in what he’s paying for.

But, now imagine we have a President who smokes (gasp!), and feels that excluding health coverage is somehow morally wrong.  So now Mister Business Owner, you WILL pay for all those employees who wish to keep smoking and developing health problems.  It’s only fair, after all.

You can substitute anything you want to that:  drug addicts, alcoholics, scientologists, fire eaters, whatever.

And true to form, Republicans of all stripes took that softball lob dead square in the face, and it splattered all over them.  Instead of making those points about the Government controlling more and more of private citizens lives, they choose to bring the evangelical moral points to the specifics of this particular case.  And they’ve just shoved that foot deeper and deeper into their own mouths.

I’ll grant you, the subtle philosophy gets very lost in trying to make a bumper sticker slogan.    After all, most people tend to not care particularly about an issue unless it may affect them, or someone close to them, directly.

But dammit!  Republicans have a golden opportunity here.  Never mind we have put up what might be one of the worst fields of Presidential contenders in my lifetime, we still might be able to pull this off.  We have got to get rid of the Imperious Doofus!

But if our side keeps wanting to get bogged down in the trenches with details and morality lessons, and not bring up the real, dangerous issues of a government that is far exceeding its authority even by the loosest interpretation of the Constitution, then I fear we will be stuck with four more years of the current mess we have.

Written by James Lee

March 5, 2012 at 20:48

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