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Opinionated and stubborn, I have always had the idea that I would love to be some sort of OpEd writer.  Now with the internet, it seems that might be possible for anyone, thank you Al Gore for inventing it!  Love following politics, debating with the Wonderful MrsJamesLee, or anyone else who will put up with me, and have been known to tune into committee hearings on CSPAN for hours just to get some laughs.

I tend to view things from a Center-Right perspective, but more Right than Center these days.  I believe people should be free to rise and fall on their own merits, rather than any sort of goodwill, quotas, or other social-engineering schemes.  The United States of America is the greatest country in the world, and I do not want to see the American spirit of adaptation and ingenuity destroyed any further than it already has.

Written by James Lee

February 21, 2010 at 22:48

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  1. I’d love to share a KC story with you (I want it to go to YOU not post as a comment onto the site.) Can I post it here? Or can I have an email addr?


    October 30, 2010 at 21:06

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