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Outlawing Bacon

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Chris Stirewalt at the Washington Examiner reveals the next target of the Nanny State Liberals Who Know Better Than You: Bacon!

No, actually, the target is salt. But the effect is the same; a lot of salt is used to process bacon before it becomes those thick, fatty, delicious strips of culinary goodness on your breakfast plate or double-cheeseburger. Apparently the Administration thinks we get too much salt, and they will strong arm the food industry to reduce its use of it.

This is akin to the Left’s way of trying to go after firearms and the Second Amendment. Instead of outlawing the guns, which would be unconstitutional and never pass, they want to put so many regulations, restrictions, and taxes on the ammunition so as to render the firearm effectively useless.

But, again, this will have unintended consequences, per the article linked above:

More likely, Big Food will be able to use the regulations they help design to dominate the market even more. They are already spending millions to find new chemical compounds that keep the foods yummy but skirt the new sodium prohibition.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

Well, OK, that could happen, I suppose. I mean, it’s not unheard of for some huge corporation to work as experts in a given field as a means to help shut out competition and give themselves an edge in the market.

But what I’m concerned about is the effect on the bacon.

It seems every day, something new comes from Obama and the Band of Merry Fools known as the Democrat Party. From forcing private companies to fire personnel, telling bondholders of said corporation where to stick it when it comes to getting their investment back, to hiring known tax cheats to work in the Treasury Department, all the way up to flat-out lying every step of the way about the Health Control law, each time I think “THIS is it! NOW they’ve gone too far, and people will not put up with it!”

But they always do put up with it, and news media is only all the more happy to keep slobbering all over themselves and tell us exactly why Obama is so awesome!

But let me offer some advice to the Administration and the Nannies In Charge. Just as Humphrey Bogart explained to the German officer when he asked Bogart “Can you picture us in New York?” Bogart’s character explained that there are certain parts of New York that he didn’t advise venturing into. The same goes here. I think anything that is going to affect our bacon will be that step too far, finally! You tell a lot of us country folks out here that we can’t have bacon, and there will be trouble.

Written by James Lee

April 22, 2010 at 19:16

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