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More Women Buying Guns

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The Washington Times put out a story earlier that more women are buying firearms these days.

A 2009 study found 70 percent of shop owners reported more female buyers.

The study, conducted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and Southwick Associates, also found 80 percent of the female gun-buyers who responded said they purchased a gun for self-defense, followed by 35 percent for target practice and 24 percent for hunting.

Just like with anyone purchasing anything, they do so for differing reasons. This is good news for the Second Amendment supporters, no matter what the motivation is for the purchase.

I’ve found in my life that most people who don’t like guns for whatever reason have never been around them, and certainly never shot them. Likely, their only exposure to firearms is on the evening news, where often a picture of a gun is used as a standard graphic when reporting about a crime, any crime, even when firearms were not used in that crime.

One particular woman I am well acquainted with was such a person. Honestly, she was never really an anti-gun person, but was uncomfortable and unfamiliar with them. After we started dating, and eventually got married, she spent time at the ranges, and with family shooting skeet, .22s, becoming familiar with them, knowing the safety measures (such as Every Gun Is Always Loaded!), and taking pride in nailing the bullseye or breaking the clay.

Now that we are happily married, she still puts up with me wanting more guns, and so-called “stockpiling” ammunition. Now if I can just get her to work with and get good with my .45ACP, just in case….

Anyway, if you have the chance, take someone new to the range the next time you go. Show someone ‘on the fence’ that guns are not inherently dangerous unless mishandled, that ‘gun people’ are not Michigan Militia people as portrayed in the media. Show them the fun and enjoyment that comes from a good session on the trap range. Maybe they will be the next new purchaser of a shiny new gun, perhaps for the first time in their lives.

Some out there think that our President may be coming after the 2nd Amendment any day now. Politically, that would be practically impossible, but then again I thought the Health Control bill died several months ago. I suspect though, that once someone has intimate relations with exercising a Constitutional Right, they are that much more prone to want to hang on to and be willing to fight keep that right. Every person we can bring over to ‘our side’ is one more vote against the so-called ‘elite’ who don’t think we should have weapons.

Written by James Lee

March 30, 2010 at 20:31

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Gun Control in Decline

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The New York Times notes the lack of new gun laws:

In the meantime, gun control advocates say, Mr. Obama has failed to deliver on campaign promises to close a loophole that allows unlicensed dealers at gun shows to sell firearms without background checks; to revive the assault weapons ban; and to push states to release data about guns used in crimes.

Sounds as if they might be a little disappointed with their Messiah.  When confronted with the Brady Campaign’s recent report card and anti-gun rant, the reply was:

“The president supports and respects the Second Amendment,” Mr. LaBolt said, “and he believes we can take common-sense steps to keep our streets safe and to stem the flow of illegal guns to criminals.”

I’m sure that I would likely disagree with what the Administration calls “common-sense steps.”  Regardless, there is no doubt in my mind that if he could snap his fingers and make it so, the President would very likely make private firearms ownership illegal.  Either way, it would take Congress to pass such legislation, and no one in any sort of contested district or state will sign their name to it.  Especially when it would likely be overturned by the courts later as unconstitutional.

This does not mean the fight for our rights is over, not by any means.  The further away from the goal they get, the louder and more shrill the gun control folks will get.  Pay attention to the upcoming elections, and make sure your vote reflects your choice in maintaining our Constitutional rights and freedoms.

Written by James Lee

February 24, 2010 at 10:35

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